Solar Gardens & community solar projects

The Solar Gardens Institute maintains a national directory of community solar projects and organizations. As of 2011, farms encompassed both photovoltaic and concentrating solar power technologies.
Colorado legislation passed in 2010 that demands rules to be rewritten by the Public Utilities Commission to direct investor owned utilities to provide rebates for community gardens that were solar.

community solar projects
In the Colorado state House, Rep. Claire Levy, D Boulder, has introduced a bill that would require the Public Utilities Commission to rewrite rules to direct investor owned utilities to offer rebates for community solar gardens.
Colorado solar installers express misgivings about Levy’s strategy. As originally organized, the provision would classify solar gardens as a “community based endeavor.” Under Colorado law, such undertakings employ 5 multiplier to the outcome–that is, each kilowatt (kW) of “community based” solar energy counts as 5 kW when tallying a utility’s renewable energy obligation. Other states, for example Massachusetts and New Jersey, use multipliers to incent the purchase of equipment that is fabricated for the reason that state. Some members of the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association (CoSEIA) worry the plan would favor large scale endeavors, which are generally constructed by out of state installation businesses, and result in up to 30 fewer installed mW.

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